Waldoch & Company


Working with your marketing team or firm, we help  you define and propagate your "Employment Brand" while reconciling that with your "Employment Image."

Through customized and targeted seminars, we show your managers, supervisors, and team leaders how to sell the advantages and benefits of working for your organization. Managers will use customized sales tools to encourage the candidate to say "yes" when extended an offer.

Finding and hiring a new key employee is rewarding, but "boomeranging" is expensive, time consuming, and demoralizing. There are ways to minimize it offering a win/win for everyone.


Always operating "under the radar", you benefit from  a confidential search. The market and your competitors are not made aware of strategic moves or organizational weaknesses. 

Searches are conducted as an extension of your organization with only your interests and goals in mind. Candidates are recruited, interviewed, and presented with thorough vetting providing objective and subjective candidate insight prior to your interview.

Working with you, offers are structured and presented ahead of a written offer to increase acceptance.


Custom seminars or workshops are developed after thorough research of your organizational needs and interviews with key employees.

Seminars range from 90 minutes to four hours depending on the scope of information covered. Workshops are half or full day.